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Free Health Camps for Cold Affected Communities: January 2018

January 18, 2018
Ganesh Shrestha and Deanna Boulard

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Taking Action

RMF-Supported Health Camps

In an article posted on January 7, 2018, The Himalayan Times describes the concern expressed by the National Human Rights Commission for the most vulnerable communities, explaining that in addition to a lack of blankets and warm clothing, people have died from typically minor ailments, such as the common cold or a fever, due to the lack of medical attention and basic drugs like paracetamol. To help treat these and other illnesses caused or complicated by the cold, RMF Nepal quickly began supporting free health camps for cold affected communities. Thus far in early January, RMF has supported two health camps in the area of Itahari, Terai region.   


Musahari Tole, Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City:

January 10, 2018

On January 10, 2018, RMF supported a free health camp in cooperation with the Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City Office. The camp was held in the Musahari Tole area of the municipality. RMF provided medicine for the event, while the city provided medical professionals. 168 vulnerable community members received essential care and medicines through this free health camp.  


Patients young and old arrive for medical care.

 A city worker distributes RMF-provided medicines.

Community members wait for medical consultations and medicine.

Community members being registered and examined by medical workers.

Many mothers brought their children for check-ups and medicine.

RMF was pleased to support these vulnerable community members by providing medicines free of charge.


Pakali Tole, Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City:

January 11, 2018

On January 11, 2018, RMF supported a second free health camp in coordination with the municipality. This health camp was held in Pakali Tole area, one of the poorest communities of Itahari sub-metropolitan city and Sunsari District. Once more, the Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City Office provided medical professionals and RMF provided medicines. 153 people were served at this second health camp, and most patients were women and children. Both the mayor and the health coordinator of the municipality were very thankful to RMF for our support.  


Mothers and children seeking medical attention at the RMF-supported health camp in Pakali Tole. 

Patients young and old being examined by medical workers. 

Patients receiving free health consultations. 

Distribution of RMF-provided medicines. 

Patients were glad to receive medicines, which would otherwise be inaccessible to most.  

Itahari medical team with RMF Program Director Ganesh Shrestha.

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During the beginning of January 2018, a cold wave swept across the southern plains of Nepal’s Terai region, bringing severe winter conditions that are expected to last several weeks. As of January 13, 2018, the intense cold weather has claimed 40 lives. Many people, especially children and the elderly, are suffering from pneumonia, diarrhea, and hypothermia.

Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) arrived in Nepal shortly after the April 2015 earthquake, and we continue to provide disaster relief, medical services, and education support in several regions of the country. RMF Nepal’s cold wave relief efforts are concentrated in the Terai region. We are working with a local partner organization, BHORE, and the local government to provide relief to families most affected in the region.

  • Conduct free health camps for cold affected communities
  • Provide essential medicines
  • Provide blankets and warm clothing to families most in need
  • Establish and maintain strong coordination with local partner NGO, BHORE, and local government
  • Continue strategizing with our in-country team how to best serve those affected by the cold



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