Healthcare Outreach for Internally Displaced Persons, Swat Valley, NWFP, Pakistan (Completed)

Imagine an ordinary day in your life. Food is warm on the table, the children are out playing and you’ve send your other half or your teenage son to get bread from the bakery. Suddenly the shrill explosions of bombs landing in your backyard break the tranquility. The panic, the chaos, the screaming, the children outside; are they alive or not, people running helter-skelter. In an instant, life becomes all about survival, the very lives and safety of your loved ones. What do you pick up from your abode as you make the panic-induced on-spot decision to run for your life? Your clothes? Your money? Your identity papers/credit cards? Or do you just grab the hands of your loved ones and run? This is what happened to over 2 million people. They fled for their lives with nothing on them except the clothes on their backs.

RMF Pakistan office has collaborated with several grass-root organizations working on different aspects of aid to the IDP. We have collaborated with Relief Foundation to set up free medical camps with volunteer doctors. Funding is required mostly for the cost of medicine.

Initiative Updates

June 17, 2009
Displacement is an inadequate, meaningless word when it is used to describe the trauma of being wrenched from your home and forcibly dislocated to a far flung place not of your choice. Imagine an ordinary day in your life. Food is warm on the...