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Until mid-2015, RMF supported the improvement and operation of Gure Model Health Centre, and in October 2016, we shifted our focus to health outreach. We provide free clinics and education sessions primarily for women, children, and the elderly. Through these outreach clinics, RMF aims to reach underserved, vulnerable community members with education, primary health care, maternal, and child health care.

The community and health stakeholders of Gure have offered their thanks and support to RMF through a letter from Chief of Gure Alhaji Abdullahi Kilishi. RMF sponsored a free health outreach program May 1–5, 2017. The five-day program provided free...

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In recognition of his work in forging a partnership between Real Medicine and the Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Dr. Ufuoma Ejughemre was awarded with the President's NYSC Honor Service award on December 6th in Abuja, Nigeria.

Dr. Ufuoma was posted to the clinic in Gure during his Nigerian Youth Service corp 1 year medical posting. All doctors in Nigeria participate in the NYSC's medical volunteering program for one year before there residency at a hospital. The majority of the clinics that NYSC manages are in very rural/underserved areas of Nigeria which are happy to receive the...

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