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Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support

2016 - Present

Belgrade, Serbia
Status: Active


Supporting Asylum Seekers

Serbia continues to see an increasing number of asylum seekers: since the beginning of the refugee crisis, 393,069 people were registered in Serbia. Since January 2016, RMF has been responding to the refugee crisis by providing comprehensive protection and medical services to at-risk refugees. Our team works in and around Belgrade providing 24/7 access to needed services. Our main goal is to provide first aid and basic primary health care for refugees in Serbia. Our team also has the skills to identify and refer extremely vulnerable individuals—women, children, victims of sexual or gender based violence, victims of human trafficking, or victims of other forms of exploitation—for appropriate assistance and follow-up by relevant institutions.

Action Plan

Health Care
  • 8 medical doctors provide first aid and primary health care for refugees.
  • Doctors and staff identify and refer extremely vulnerable cases.
  • Our team remains mobile and flexible, able to rapidly relocate to areas in greatest need.
  • RMF partners with local government and other NGOs such as UNHCR and MSF to support effective response.
  • In 2016, RMF’s team served an average of 1,500-2,000 refugees and asylum seekers per month.
Whole Care
  • RMF works with the Asylum Information Centre and Praxis to provide supplies such as food, water, clothing, and hygiene kits.
  • We ensure understanding through Arabic and Farsi speaking interpreters and cultural mediators.


Increasing Need, Decreasing Aid
  • While the number of illegal entries has increased exponentially, the number of NGOs working in Serbia has decreased.
  • On April 27, 2016, Miksališe, a refugee aid and distribution center, was demolished by 30 “masked men.” The center is being rebuilt in another location.

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