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Anemia Can Be Prevented in Bogo City

April 22, 2014
Update from the Main Health Office, Bogo City, Philippines

The Bogo City Health Office has limited funds for the purchase of Ferrous Sulfate tablets.  If there are supplies available, the pregnant women are the top priority, however, the availability of the iron vitamins is not sustained so there are times that those pregnant women have to buy the Ferrous Sulfate tablets on their own. Unfortunately, most of the pregnant women seeking prenatal care in our health centers are not financially capable and most of them stop taking iron vitamins during their pregnancy.

Upon the receipt of the donated bottles of Ferrous Sulfate tablets from RMF and International Relief and...

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Shipment #2 of Medical Supplies Reaches Philippines

March 06, 2014

excerpt from a report by Tita Dumagsa, Tony Dumagsa and Jonathan White

On February 26th, Real Medicine Foundation received and distributed a second donation of medical supplies. International Relief & Development (IRD) generously provided the shipment as part of our ongoing Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda relief efforts.

Dr. Minerva Millor and her team, Dr. James Najarro of Bantayan Hospital, Ms. Imelda Calungsod of Bogo City Provincial Hospital, Mr. Mansueto Luche, the Hospital Administrative Director of Daan Bantayan Hospital, several midwives and 20 support workers unloaded a 40-foot container of general medical supplies, including much needed dressings, surgical kits...

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Lace Up for Love:

RMF's Philippines Fundraiser

January 03, 2014

In December, one RMF supporter, Mrs. Mishella Perez, decided that she needed to do something to help the people of the Philippines – she wanted to take ACTION! Mishella organized a local fundraiser in her town of San Diego, a 5K walk/run to fundraise for RMF’s work in the Philippines.

In her words:

Upon hearing and watching about the vast destruction of Typhoon Haiyan (better known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines) across the Visayas and Northern Mindinao region, I felt the need to do something quick. Over 5,000 lives lost and many homes destroyed, the Filipino people needed...

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Philippines: Photographs from Bantayan Island

December 30, 2013

CEO Dr. Martina Fuchs traveled to Bantayan Island to assess the medical situation  following Typhoon Haiyan (the main hospital suffered serious damage) and learned that the typhoon practically decimated the fishing industry as well; 90% of households depend on fishing. Here are a few photographs from that trip.

To Bantayan Island


Children, Bantayan Island

Destruction, Bantayan Island

Food Distribution for Typhoon Victims

Little Boy, Bantayan Island

Destruction, Bantayan Island

Woman, Bantayan Island

Destroyed Poultry Farm, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island People Cleaning Up Typhoon Debris

Destroyed Satellites

Mother and Child — Typhoon Survivors — Amazing Attitude

Children in Bantayan

Young Girl...

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Haiyan Aftermath:

More Photographs Tell the Story

December 28, 2013

Martina returned from the Philippines with wonderful stories about the resilience of the people and an urgency to get the hospital and livelihood projects moving. Here are a few photos from the second half of her journey.

Damaged power lines

Children in Medellin. When it starts getting dark there is no light in the streets or in the houses. The fire in the background is where people are burning debris, broken trees, etc. from Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in an effort to clean up.

Little girl in Medellin.

Along the way.

Mother and little girl.

Children and tricycle (auto rickshaw).

Street scene...

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Dr. Martina Fuchs' Bogo City Report: A Photo Tour

December 03, 2013

Map showing Martina’s itinerary: Cebu City, north to Bogo City to Don Pedro Barangay to Nailon Barangay to San Remigio to Medellin, cross over to Bantayan island to visit Bantayan and Santa Fe, back to Cebu Island to visit Daanbantayan.

Town hall meeting with the Mayor of Bogo City and Dr. Minerva Millor.

Dr. Martina Fuchs is asked to speak at the Town Hall meeting.

Severo Verallo Memorial District Hospital in Bogo City.

Bogo City Hospital – 2 or 3 patients often share a bed.

New mothers at Bogo City Hospital.

The hospital is at 200% capacity so patients crowd...

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From the Field: The People We Meet (Dr. Martina Fuchs)

December 03, 2013

En route to San Remigio and Medellin and a few small friends and patients along the way.

On the road to San Remigio and Medellin.

Destroyed banana trees. The locals kept saying “they go first, then the coconut trees.”

A few new small friends.

Villagers in front of their damaged homes.

Dr. Fuchs stops for a photo.

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Dr. Martina Fuchs: A Philippines Photo Report

December 03, 2013

Photos from Nailon Barangay Health Station, Don Pedro Barangay Health Station and Daycare Center.

A small patient.

Dr. Minerva Millor in front of Barangay Health Station.

Nailon Barangay Health Station.

Severely damaged church opposite Nailon Barangay Health Station.

Children in front of Nailon Barangay Health Station.

Don Pedro Barangay Health Station and Day Care Center.

From left: Midwife Analiza Tumulak, Dr. Minerva Millor, Dr. Martina Fuchs, Midwife Lorina Pilapil (5th from left, the other 2 people are from the community).

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