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Case Study Update: Premature Twin Baby Girls

June 01, 2015
Dr. Rubina Mumtaz

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April 2015
Often there are days when the reasons behind our passion for this work of reaching out to the poorest and most vulnerable in their most dire hour of need are obscured by mundane administrative rituals and bureaucratic hurdles. Sometimes the simplest job of getting medicine to the sick and poor becomes like a huge mountain to climb when faced with the red tape. Then there are days like today when it suddenly becomes wonderful and fulfilling when you see the result of your hard work.

Today we had a visit from little Hajra Adeel and Fatima Adeel, our twin baby girls that the RMF Health Center raised funds for to provide them with life-saving drugs essential for their premature birth complications. What a lovely sight these two beautiful healthy babies made!!! With high pitched squeals of delight and wide eyed wonder, Hajra and Fatima had the whole staff eating out of their hands in no time. They are today healthy and growing well with no complaints. Both are normal in their developmental milestones and on schedule with their vaccinations.

Their visit left our health center suffused with a feel-good energy and the parents’ gratitude was overwhelmingly heartwarming. Yes, today was a day when we got a crystal clear view of the reasons why we do what we do… help our fellow human beings when they need our help.

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