Sri Lanka: Palathuduwa Preschool Support

Palathuduwa Preschool Report- Q1 2016

March 31, 2016
Laknima Piyushani, Assistant Teacher

Summary of Activities

Classes and activities continued as planned, providing parents and guardians with support and advice in the proper care of their young children, and providing children with a safe environment, at least one nutritious meal a day, and quality preschool education, including health awareness, eco-awareness, diversity awareness, and basic communication technologies.

Project Goal

To provide quality preschool education to village children, who typically have fewer resources and opportunities than children closer to the city center.

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Results &


  • Children Enjoy Climbing

    Growing Program

    New Students Enroll
    • Welcomed new children to Palathuduwa Preschool
    • New students had difficulty staying in one place for more than a short period of time, but teachers worked to help the children adjust their habits to school rhythms. This made the first term challenging for teachers, but they are now in the second term.
    • Children learned how to work within a schedule, following set meal times, staying in the classroom, etc.
  • Practicing Teamwork

    Meeting New Faces

    Celebrating Ethnic Diversity
    • Educated the children on how to live in peace and harmony among different ethnic groups
    • Some foreign visitors came to Palathuduwa Preschool; they met the children and presented them with many toys.
  • Children Practice Balance

    Focus on Learning

    Teaching Life Lessons
    • Supported the ability of children’s guardians to provide more care and protection for their children
    • Ensured the health and sanitation of the children
    • Prepared the children to become nature-loving, educated citizens
    • Made the children aware of modern communication technology and its benefits
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15 families who live in and around the village temple. These are low-income families who earn a living as day laborers, performing tasks such as growing low country vegetables, making bricks, and working for others.

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