Nearly 100% of CBI Targets Achieved

UNHCR Reports

“The Cash Working Group (CWG) coordinates the implementation of Cash Transfer Programmes in Uganda. As of June 2018, 9 organisations reported ongoing cash activities in 11 Settlements.

To date the CWG has disbursed 16.74 million in cash transfers to 319,412 beneficiaries. The largest proportion of cash (81%) was disbursed in order to meet food needs while a relatively smaller proportion was provided for multipurpose cash (12%), livelihoods (6%) and Wash Support (1%). Overall, almost 100% of the targets for planned cash disbursements was achieved apart from Palrionya, Bidibidi and Kyangwali where 93% to 98% of the targets was achieved. At USD 16.74 million, about 22% of the currently funded Refugee Response Plan (USD 60.2 million) has so far been delivered through cash transfers."

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