Real Medicine Foundation RMF Press Releases, News, and Updates from Around the World 2019-05-06T11:27:21-07:00 UNHCR Position on Returns to South Sudan – Update II 2019-05-06T11:27:21-07:00 2019-04-30T11:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5cc894d821c79b16fc3aebb9/Marquee.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> <h4>Human Rights Violations Persist</h4> <h5>Returns to South Sudan are Not Supported</h5> <p>Despite the ceasefire and signature of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-<span class="caps">ARCSS</span>) on September 11, 2018, it has been concluded that the <span class="caps">UNHCR</span> &#8220;cannot facilitate, promote or otherwise organize returns to South Sudan.&#8221; A reduction in overall violence has been noted; however, South Sudan remains the most dangerous place in the world to conduct humanitarian work, has the highest rate of maternal mortality, and high rates of physical and sexual violence against women and children persist.</p> <blockquote> <p>Systematic and widespread human rights violations and abuses committed by all parties have inflicted suffering on millions of people, with a lack of accountability for those responsible for the violations. Following the signing of the R-<span class="caps">ARCSS</span>, an overall decline in the number of reported human rights violations and abuses by parties to the conflict has been documented. However, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (<span class="caps">UNMISS</span>) continues to corroborate incidents that pose a threat to human rights and physical security. They include instances of killing or wounding civilians, abduction, sexual violence, arbitrary arrest and prolonged detention, the recruitment and/or use of children by armed groups or forces, forced displacement, looting and the destruction of civilian property and extortion.</p> </blockquote> <p>Read more below from the <a href="">UNHCR&#8217;s conclusion</a> that &#8220;the security, rule of law and human rights situation that prevails today in South Sudan also stands in the way of safe and dignified return for any person originating from South Sudan.&#8221;</p> <p>Discover how <span class="caps">RMF</span> is increasing maternal survival rates, improving access to healthcare, and treating malnutrition in South Sudan <a href=""><strong>here</strong></a>.</p> <p>Learn about <span class="caps">RMF</span> initiatives that are improving the lives of South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda <a href=""><strong>here</strong></a>.</p> Research Study Published: Juba Teaching Hospital 2019-04-05T14:17:01-07:00 2019-04-02T14:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5ca3d15a21c79b16fc0c5c9d/SouthSudan.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> <h4>Article Investigating Near-Miss Events</h4> <h5>International Journal of Women&#8217;s Health</h5> <p>Co-authored by <span class="caps">RMF</span> Founder and <span class="caps">CEO</span> Dr. Martina Fuchs, along with Fekadu Mazengia Alemu, Dr. Taban Martin Vitale, and Dr. Mergani Abdalla Mohamed Salih, &#8220;Severe Maternal Morbidity (near-miss) and its correlates in the world&#8217;s newest nation: South Sudan&#8221; was recently published in the <em><a href="">International Journal of Women&#8217;s Health</a></em>. The paper analyzes the frequency and causes of near-miss events at <span class="caps">RMF</span>-supported Juba Teaching Hospital, recorded through a cross-sectional study conducted from from March 20 to June 12, 2016.</p> <p>This original research and peer-reviewed article are part of RMF&#8217;s efforts to raise awareness of <a href="/our-work/countries/south-sudan/">South Sudan&#8217;s</a> high maternal mortality rate and build long-term solutions to save mother&#8217;s lives.</p> <p>The article concludes:</p> <blockquote> <p>The near-miss rate was high. Contributing factors were lack of resources, low quality of primary health care, and delays in care. All near-misses should be regarded as opportunities to improve the quality of maternity care. Health institutes should address delays in conducting interventions, referral barriers, and personnel gaps. Fully functional intensive-care units must be created in all facilities, including Juba Teaching Hospital and other hospitals. Notification policies for all near-miss cases should be in place in all health care units, with a “no shame, no blame” approach.</p> </blockquote> <p>Read the full text below.</p> International Journal of Women's Health Invitation to Palathuduwa Preschool's New Year Celebration 2019-04-02T14:52:49-07:00 2019-03-29T08:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <h4>New Year Festival Celebration</h4> <h5>YOU&#8217;RE <span class="caps">INVITED</span>!</h5> <p><span class="caps">RMF</span>-supported Palathuduwa Preschool, located in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, is pleased to be celebrating the Sinhala and Tamil New Year once more. The teachers cordially invite RMF&#8217;s staff and supporters to join us for the event.</p> <p><img src="/assets/5c9e3c23438fc35bbd0328a5/Palathuduwa_New_Year_s_Celebration_2019.jpg"></p> RMF RMF Urban Health Center Anniversary in the News, Nepal 2019-03-29T13:42:44-07:00 2019-03-28T16:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5c9d5586438fc35bcc005664/Kavre3_1.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> <h4><span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center Anniversary</h4> <h5>Featured in the Kavre Post</h5> <p>On March 6, 2019, the <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center in Lakainey, Namo Buddha of Kavre District, Nepal celebrated the first anniversary of its establishment. Namo Buddha Deputy Mayor Ram Devi Tamang was the chief guest, and other distinguished guests included the ward chairperson, chief executive officer of the municipality, teachers, health post managers, and social leaders. A large number of community members were present. <span class="caps">RMF</span> Nepal Program Manager Ganesh Kumar Shrestha traveled from Kathmandu to attend the event, and journalists from the Kavre Post and local FM radio stations reported on the event. The following article was featured in the Kavre Post:</p> <p>Publication: Kavre Post<br /> Date: March 10, 2019<br /> <img src="/assets/5c9e832b21c79b16fc056fd2/Media_Coverage_e_copy.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> <br/></p> <h5>Translation:</h5> <p><strong>“RMF Nepal Urban Health Center Celebrates First Anniversary”</strong></p> <p>The Urban Health Center at Namo Buddha celebrates its first year of establishment in collaboration with Namo Buddha Municipality and Real Medicine Foundation (<span class="caps">RMF</span>) Nepal. A special event was organized at the <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center in Lakainey in order to mark the day. Deputy Mayor of Namo Buddha Municipality Mrs. Ram Devi Tamang was the chief guest of the event chaired by the Chairperson of Namo Buddha Municipality as well as <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Clinic Management Committee Representative Mr. Sanjeev Dhakal.</p> <p>During the event, Mrs. Tamang said that the municipality is committed to serving its people and developing the area by using available resources and collaborating with non-governmental organizations. She added that health services are highly important, and in a context where people are losing trust in government-based health service centers, the <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center has raised the standards through the health services it provides. She appreciated <span class="caps">RMF</span> for maintaining the highest quality of health services provided at the center and said that ongoing support from <span class="caps">RMF</span> was expected in the coming days.</p> <p>Chairperson of the program, Mr. Sanjeev Dhakal, said that before the establishment of the <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center, residents of Namo Buddha Municipality Ward No. 2 were obliged to walk a long way to other wards to receive basic health services, because there was no health center nearby. Now that <span class="caps">RMF</span> has started the Urban Health Center in Ward No. 2, the locals have benefited from its excellent health services. He also said that arrangements with <span class="caps">RMF</span> are being made so that more services can be provided by the clinic to the community.</p> <p>In accordance with the 5-year agreement between <span class="caps">RMF</span> and Namo Buddha Municipality, the Urban Health Center is currently run by a health assistant (HA), an auxiliary health worker (<span class="caps">AHW</span>), and an office assistant. A medical doctor has also been scheduled to visit the clinic once a week.</p> <p>The locals who attended the event said that they have benefited from the clinic. They also expect that the health center will provide services for pregnant women as well as medical laboratory services in the coming days.</p> <p>The <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center was able to provide services to 3,996 clients over a year-long period, reported Mr. Ganga Ram Timilsina, who is in charge of the <span class="caps">RMF</span> clinic. He not only presented the achievements of the clinic in the last year but also the challenges faced while running the clinic, such as lack of space and the meager amount of water available in the clinic.</p> <p>Health Coordinator of the municipality, Mr. Dipendra Kaji Shrestha, and Manager of Fulbari Health Center, Mr. Shobhakant Acharya, among other invitees, also heartily appreciated the support of <span class="caps">RMF</span> in addressing the health needs of the locals. The locals reiterated that they previously had to go to Dhulikhel Hospital or a private clinic in Bhakunde, which was costly even for small ailments, but the medicines at the <span class="caps">RMF</span> clinic are far cheaper and the health services provided are of a high standard. Shambhu Prasad Humagain, a local of Namo Buddha Municipality Ward No. 2, further added that now that the Urban Health Center is there, underprivileged groups in the community have also benefited, as the health center provides free medicines for the needy.</p> <p>RMF’s Program Manager addressed the guests by introducing <span class="caps">RMF</span>, its values, and its <span class="caps">CEO</span> Dr. Martina Fuchs. He explained that <span class="caps">RMF</span> has been providing human resources for the clinic, as well as medicines. RMF’s management is also looking forward to expanding the services in the clinic.</p> <p>Real Medicine Foundation celebrated the first anniversary of the Urban Health Center in an elaborate way. Representatives from the municipality, <span class="caps">RMF</span>, local stakeholders, Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs), members of the clinic management committee, and locals gathered for the event and made it successful.</p> <p><img src="/assets/5c9d56c321c79b170c003850/Kavre1.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> <span class="caps">RMF</span> Nepal Program Manager Ganesh Kumar Shrestha greeting guests at the event</p> <p><img src="/assets/5c9d56c521c79b1732000b76/Kavre_2_1.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> Guests attending <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center’s first anniversary celebration</p> <p><img src="/assets/5c9d56c521c79b1726000a80/Kavre4_1.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> Elderly community member receiving a health examination at the <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center</p> <p><img src="/assets/5c9d56c421c79b170400c521/Kavre5_1.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> Elderly community member receiving medical treatment at the <span class="caps">RMF</span> Urban Health Center</p> <p><img src="/assets/5c9d56c421c79b1714001996/Kavre6_1.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> RMF South Sudan Medical Journal: February 2019 2019-02-22T08:33:16-08:00 2019-02-22T05:00:00-08:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5c6efc5e21c79b3a2c368cf6/_DSC82012.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> </br><br /> The February 2019 issue of the <a href="">South Sudan Medical Journal</a> has been published by our partners at The Juba Link.</p> <h4>Featured Article</h4> <h5>Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of <span class="caps">HIV</span>: knowledge, attitudes and practice among pregnant women at Juba Teaching Hospital</h5> <p></br></p> <blockquote> <p>&#8220;Mother-to-child transmission (<span class="caps">MTCT</span>) of the human immunodeficiency virus (<span class="caps">HIV</span>) accounts for 90% of infancy and childhood <span class="caps">HIV</span> infections; hence prevention has a big impact in controlling the spread of <span class="caps">HIV</span> within this group.&#8221;</p> </blockquote> <p></br></p> <p>Learn more about this topic on SSMJ&#8217;s <a href="">website</a>.</p> <p></br></p> <p>Learn more about RMF&#8217;s work at Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan on our Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery <a href="">initiative page</a>.</p> RMF Invitation to Palathuduwa Preschool's Year-End Concert 2018-11-30T13:35:08-08:00 2018-11-27T13:20:00-08:00 [ Read more...]]]> <h4>Year-End Concert</h4> <h5>You Are Invited</h5> <p>Every year, <span class="caps">RMF</span>-supported Palathuduwa Preschool holds a year-end concert. The teachers cordially invite RMF’s staff and supporters to attend. The event will be held at the preschool building on December 1, 2018 at 9:00 AM.</p> <p><img src="/assets/5c01a99b23f8124fa80d859c/invitation_English.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> RMF South Sudan Medical Journal: November 2018 2018-11-13T14:18:24-08:00 2018-11-13T07:00:00-08:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p>The November 2018 issue of the <a href="">South Sudan Medical Journal</a> has been published by our partners at The Juba Link. <br /> <img src="/assets/5beafaea4078085fbd0073aa/Cover2880.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> <p>You can view and download the journal as a <span class="caps">PDF</span> below. To view the articles on the web, click the links below.</p> <p><strong>Editorials</strong></p> <p><a href="">Keeping an eye on Ebola Virus Disease in South Sudan</a></p> <p><strong>News, Reports and Policy</strong></p> <p><a href="">Obituaries</a></p> <p><a href="">Call for Submissions</a></p> <p><a href="">Neonatal resuscitation chart</a></p> <p><strong>Clinical Guidance</strong></p> <p><a href="">How to repair a vesico-vaginal fistula</a></p> <p><strong>Research</strong></p> <p><a href="">Knowledge of type 2 diabetes mellitus and adherence to management guidelines: a cross-sectional study in Juba, South Sudan</a></p> <p><a href="">Knowledge, attitude and willingness to accept Caesarean section among women in Ogbomoso, southwest Nigeria</a></p> <p><a href="">Obstetric fistulae, birth outcomes, and surgical repair outcomes: a retrospective analysis of hospital-based data in Dodoma, Tanzania</a></p> <p><strong>Case Reports</strong></p> <p><a href="">Caesarean Section acceptability and rate in South Sudan</a></p> file:///C:/Users/The%20Etters/Desktop/RMF/NEWS%20section/SSMJ_11_4_Full_Issue_Final.pdf UNHCR and Partners Launch Communication System for Refugees in Uganda 2018-10-15T17:32:10-07:00 2018-10-15T16:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5bc52f9b407808520d483058/2880.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> <p><em>A new call center for refugees and asylum seekers is set up and operational in Kampala, Uganda. The center will receive and respond to calls from persons of concern.</em></p> <h4>Communication System Launched in Uganda</h4> <h5>Receiving and responding to calls from refugees</h5> <p>The <span class="caps">UNHCR</span> published a press release noting that <span class="caps">UNHCR</span> and its partners have successfully piloted a Feedback, Referral and Resolution Mechanism (<span class="caps">FRRM</span>) in Nakivale and Kiryandongo. The helpline is operational as of October 10.</p> <blockquote> <p>The new inter-agency Feedback, Referral and Resolution Mechanism (<span class="caps">FRRM</span>) will augment the existing information sharing system in refugee settlements and provide safe, accessible and reliable communication channels to refugees and asylum seekers.</p> </blockquote> <p>The full report can be read by clicking the image below or on the <a href=""><span class="caps">UNHCR</span></a> website.</p> <p>If you are in Uganda and need to reach the helpline, call 0800 32 32 32.</p> UNHCR India: RMF Malnutrition Success Story Featured in Local Hindi News 2018-11-02T12:06:51-07:00 2018-10-01T14:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5bdc954f23f812478b030cb5/NewsArticle.JPG" style="width:2880px;"></p> <p><br/></p> <h4>Childhood Malnutrition Eradication Program</h4> <h5>Success Story Featured in local hindi news</h5> <p>The goal of RMF&#8217;s Childhood Malnutrition Eradication Program is to reduce the prevalence of underweight children under 5 years old and to reduce child mortality from malnutrition by strengthening communities and village-level government facilities’ capacity to identify, treat, and prevent malnutrition.</p> <p>Baby Ravindra was identified by Community Nutrition Educator Namrata as malnourished due to a cleft lip preventing him from breastfeeding. <span class="caps">CNE</span> Namrata counseled his mother and Ravindra was immediately referred and admitted to Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre Pati where he received successful treatment and recovered.</p> <p>Ravindra&#8217;s story was featured in <em>Badwani Bhaskar</em>, a local Hindi newspaper. You may view the original article on the <a href="">publication’s website</a> or read the translation below.</p> <p><br/></p> <h5>Translation:</h5> <p>&#8220;Due to cleft lip, infant unable to breastfeed and becomes malnourished</p> <p><span class="caps">NRC</span>: Ravindra of Katar Phalia in Budi Gram Panchayat of Pati area was three months old, weighing three-and-a-half kg, now five-and-a-half kg</p> <p>—Bhaskar correspondent</p> <p>Ravindra, son of Jagdish Barela, is a seven-month-old resident of Katar Phalia, in a village panchayat of the Barwani Pati region. Ravindra had become malnourished and was fighting a battle with death, but he is now completely healthy. The child was admitted in July to the <span class="caps">NRC</span> center located on the women’s hospital premises. At this time, his weight was three-and-a-half kilos. Now it has become five-and-a-half kilos. Due to the baby&#8217;s cleft lip, he could not drink his mother&#8217;s milk and became malnourished.</p> <p>Anupama Gupta, <span class="caps">NRC</span> in-charge at the women&#8217;s hospital, said the child had recovered at the <span class="caps">NRC</span> center in July. During the 14-day admission, the weight of the child increased by one-and-a-half kilos. Now it has become five-and-a-half kilos. He explained that in the <span class="caps">NRC</span> center, admitting a malnourished child for nutrition rehabilitation can be done quickly. Now this is the case with Ravindra.</p> <p><strong>Improved health: Operation for cleft lip</strong> <br /> The <span class="caps">NRC</span> center in-charge said that due to the weight of the child, the operation for his cleft lip could not be done. After being rehabilitated at the <span class="caps">NRC</span> center, the operation was done, and now at seven months of age, the child can drink his mother&#8217;s milk. The child&#8217;s mother, Maknibai, confirmed that the baby could not breastfeed because of his lip. Fed cow&#8217;s milk due to not getting the milk of his mother, the baby became weak, and his weight was not increasing. After admission to the <span class="caps">NRC</span> center, his weight began to grow.</p> <p><strong>Feeding 8 times in 24 hours</strong><br /> The in-charge of the <span class="caps">NRC</span> center said that after providing treatment to the admitted children, they are given food 8 times (every three hours) in 24 hours (every day). Also, mothers of the children are taught to make nutritious foods. According to the information given by the mother, if she gives nutritious foods to the child, then the child will not become malnourished again.</p> <p><strong>In 6 months of the year, 207 children have been enrolled</strong> in the well-known <span class="caps">NRC</span> center; up to April, 207 malnourished children had been admitted. All went home after being well treated. Now 6 children are admitted at the center. There is provision for the admittance of 20 children at the <span class="caps">NRC</span> center located in the women’s hospital.</p> <p><strong>Nutrition rehabilitation camps cover 110 villages in the district</strong><br /> Nutrition rehabilitation camps have covered 110 villages of the district, providing treatment of malnourished children and nutrition education. On Wednesday, collector Amit Tomar inspected the Anganwadi centers of Borlai, Anjad, and Chakri checking the camps and also collecting information from the workers.&quot;</p> <p><img src="/assets/5bdc9f2640780878b500b203/Newspaper.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> <img src="/assets/5bdb714240780878ae0279b7/Ravindra2880.png" style="width:2880px;"><br /> <img src="/assets/5bdc9f2640780878be003200/Ravindra2.jpg" alt="" /></p> Uganda: Refugee Response Monitoring Cash Based Interventions (CBI) 2018-09-06T06:48:37-07:00 2018-09-06T06:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <h4>Nearly 100% of <span class="caps">CBI</span> Targets Achieved</h4> <h5><span class="caps">UNHCR</span> Reports</h5> <p>&#8220;The Cash Working Group (<span class="caps">CWG</span>) coordinates the implementation of Cash Transfer Programmes in Uganda. As of June 2018, 9 organisations reported ongoing cash activities in 11 Settlements.</p> <p>To date the <span class="caps">CWG</span> has disbursed <strong>16.74 million in cash transfers to 319,412 beneficiaries.</strong> The largest proportion of cash (81%) was disbursed in order to meet <strong>food needs</strong> while a relatively smaller proportion was provided for <strong>multipurpose cash</strong> (12%), <strong>livelihoods</strong> (6%) and <strong>Wash Support</strong> (1%). Overall, almost 100% of the targets for planned cash disbursements was achieved apart from Palrionya, Bidibidi and Kyangwali where 93% to 98% of the targets was achieved. At <span class="caps">USD</span> 16.74 million, about 22% of the currently funded Refugee Response Plan (<span class="caps">USD</span> 60.2 million) has so far been delivered through cash transfers.&quot;</p> UNHCR South Sudan Medical Journal: August 2018 2018-08-06T12:28:32-07:00 2018-08-06T12:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p>The August 2018 issue of the <a href="">South Sudan Medical Journal</a> has been published by our partners at The Juba Link. <br /> <img src="/assets/5b68985723f8123b5e4c1450/SSMJ_August_2018_Cover.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> <p>You can view and download the journal as a <span class="caps">PDF</span> below. To view the articles on the web, click the links below.</p> <p><strong>Editorials</strong></p> <p><a href="">Mental health in South Sudan: a ticking time bomb</a></p> <p><strong>News, Reports and Policy</strong></p> <p><a href="">My experience as an international student at the Southern Medical University in China</a></p> <p><a href="">Proceedings of the Bentiu International Health Symposium</a></p> <p><a href=""><span class="caps">ELSSA</span> = Essential Life Saving Skills for Africa</a></p> <p><a href="">Improving maternal and child health through media in South Sudan: final evaluation</a></p> <p><a href="">World Breastfeeding Week 1-7 August 2018</a></p> <p><strong>Research</strong></p> <p><a href="">How culture shapes the sexual and reproductive health practices among adolescent girls in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan</a></p> <p><a href="">Mothers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices on preventing diarrhoea in Juba, South Sudan</a></p> <p><a href="">Importance of ultrasonography in evaluating eye injuries: data from Birnin Kebbi, Nigeria</a></p> <p><strong>Case Reports</strong></p> <p><a href="">Acute spontaneous tumour lysis syndrome in a patient with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma: a rare case report</a></p> <p><a href="">Pica as a persistent eating disorder associated with iron deficiency anaemia: two case reports</a></p> RMF Nepal: Free Dental Camp Covered by National News 2018-07-26T19:09:22-07:00 2018-07-05T11:45:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5b58c59123f8123b5e40a1aa/IMG_7941.jpg" alt="" /> <img src="/assets/5b58c83e23f8123b5e40af98/IMG_7959.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p><br/></p> <h4><span class="caps">RMF</span> Supports Free Dental Camp</h4> <h5>Covered by National News</h5> <p><span class="caps">RMF</span> is supporting <a href="">free health camps</a> throughout Nepal, providing essential medical access to rural and disaster affected communities.</p> <p><strong>From June 30, 2018 to July 2, 2018</strong>, <span class="caps">RMF</span> supported a free dental camp in three health posts of Sindhupalchok district: Chautara-5, Thulo Sirubari-13, and Sangachowk-12. There is no regular dental service in the district, and <strong>more than 500 patients benefited from the services</strong>. The dental camp was conducted in coordination with the Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi municipality and Nepal Dental Science Hygienist Association. The first day of the dental camp was covered by the <strong><em>Lokpriya Samachar National Daily</em> newspaper</strong>.</p> <p>You may view the original article on <a href="">the publication&#8217;s website</a>, in <span class="caps">PDF</span> form at the bottom of the page, or read the translation below. <br /> <br/></p> <h5>Translation:</h5> <p>Free Dental Camp in Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi Municipality</p> <p>The Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi municipality has been conducting special events to ensure the good health of its people. In this context, a free dental camp was conducted in Chautara, Ward No. 5 on Saturday, the 30th June 2018. Chautara is the district headquarters of Sindhupalchok district.</p> <p>On that day, <strong>a total of 194 clients received free dental treatment from expert dentists</strong>, and the services included assessment of dental status, as well as cleaning, dental extraction, and other specific treatment. The camp was organized by the health division of Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi municipality with technical assistance from the Nepal Dental Science Hygienist Association in collaboration with Real Medicine Foundation.</p> <p>During the concluding meeting of the camp chaired by the chairperson of Ward No. 5, Mr. Narman Shrestha, the president of the Nepal Dental Science Hygienist Association, Mr. Michael Devkota, shared that <strong>dental problems are considered a common public health issue</strong>, and the treatment modality is very expensive. He expressed his gladness to serve people at their doorstep, for whom the treatment of dental problems was otherwise out of the question. On the same occasion, the program manager of Real Medicine Foundation, <strong>Mr. Ganesh Shrestha, explained that <span class="caps">RMF</span> has been providing continuous support to communities</strong> that have been affected by disaster and calamities as per its service policy. According to him, <span class="caps">RMF</span> has been working in different districts through its projects and also assisting organizations that arrange health camps throughout the country. He also expected that there would be many chances of collaboration between <span class="caps">RMF</span> and Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi municipality in the coming days.</p> <p>On his remarks, the chairperson of the meeting, Mr. Narman Shrestha, stated that conducting such a camp was a part of the Doctors for People program of the municipality, which he decided was a necessary step to bear the responsibility of being the leader in the area. He expressed his commitment to conduct similar camps by <strong>collaborating with different organizations to serve the people</strong> and also expressed his gratitude to all the contributing organizations and individuals.</p> <p>Mr. Durga Bajagain, family planning officer of the District Health Office, Sindhupalchok commented that the health system has now been integrated into the local governance system as per federalism in the country, so that the local government can implement different programs according to the actual needs of the community. In such a situation, <strong>organizing health camps as per the requirement of the community is much appreciated.</strong></p> <p>The health coordinator of the Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi municipality, Mr. Shiva Puri, was elated when the camp was organized in 3 out of 14 wards of the municipality with limited resources. It was considered a <strong>huge success</strong>, with a significant number of people attending and receiving necessary treatment. He explained that this camp had motivated him to conduct similar events in all 14 wards in the near future by collaborating with numerous organizations. The conclusion of the meeting was coordinated by Mr. Keshav Napit of the health division of the municipality.</p> <p>According to Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi municipality, the camp would be continued for the next couple of days in Thulo Sirubari and Sangachowk.</p> <p>The chief administrative officer of the municipality, Mr. Indra Prasad Basyal, encouraged all the citizens that as different free health camps are organized by the municipality according to the needs of the people, <strong>they should attend and take advantage of such opportunities.</strong></p> RMF The BBC: Hurricane Maria 'killed 4,600 in Puerto Rico' 2018-05-29T18:25:02-07:00 2018-05-29T15:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5b0dd0fd40780820ed0bae88/_101795763_mediaitem101795762_edit.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> <em>Photo: <span class="caps">AFP</span>/<span class="caps">GETTY</span></em></p> <p><br /></p> <p>The <a href=""><span class="caps">BBC</span></a> has published an article detailing new findings on Hurricane Maria&#8217;s death toll in Puerto Rico. While the official number is 64, a new <a href="">Harvard University study</a> estimates that the actual death toll is more than 4,600. Broken roads and extensive power outages interrupted medical care, contributing to a third of deaths after the hurricane. Six months after the storm, thousands of Puerto Ricans are still without electricity, and many are struggling to pay for expensive generators that run vital life support equipment.</p> <blockquote> <p>Disruption to health care was a &#8220;growing contributor to both morbidity and mortality&#8221; in natural disasters, they said, because growing numbers of patients had chronic diseases and used sophisticated equipment that relied on electricity.</p> </blockquote> <p>The full report can be read by clicking the images below or on <a href="">The BBC&#8217;s website.</a></p> <p>Soon after Hurricane Maria’s devastating passage through Puerto Rico, <a href="/initiative-reports/puerto-rico/archives/2017/11/01/initiative-concept-october-2017/"><span class="caps">RMF</span> sent a team to conduct a needs assessment</a>, bring some initial medical supplies, and form local connections. <strong>Drawing upon RMF’s emergency health programs and lessons learned in various countries, our response in Puerto Rico includes the implementation of transitional and temporary health posts, such as mobile clinic and outreach services that will seek to provide lifesaving interventions.</strong> We are supporting the operations of <a href="/initiative-reports/puerto-rico/archives/2018/02/16/dr-martina-fuchs-visits-to-determine-next-steps-december-2017/">5 health clinics</a>. We also plan to support the Vega Alta Clinic by providing medications and human resources; this clinic will act as a hub for medical outreach activities. Read more about our initiative on our <a href="/our-work/countries/puerto-rico/initiatives/hurricane-maria-relief/">Hurricane Maria Relief page</a>.</p> RMF The New York Times: How Storms, Missteps, and an Ailing Grid Left Puerto Rico in the Dark 2018-05-22T09:09:31-07:00 2018-05-21T21:00:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5b039b4123f8123b5e00e847/2.jpg" style="width:2880px;"><br /> <em>Yasmin Morales Torres standing in what was left of a relative’s home in Yabucoa. In the storms’ devastation, the island all but slipped from the modern era. (Photo: Todd Heisler)</em></p> <p><br /></p> <p><a href="">The New York Times</a> published an article by James Glanz and Frances Robles. The article details how Hurricane Maria, the decisions of federal and local authorities, and the poorly maintained power grid have left many Puerto Ricans still in the dark. The lack of resources and the difficult terrain have also contributed to the delay in restoring electricity to the island as a whole.</p> <blockquote> <p>“I’ve never seen anything like that — not in a developed nation,” said Ed Muller, a former energy executive whose generation and transmission equipment suffered flooding by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, severe storm damage in Jamaica and earthquakes in California. In the Caribbean, he said, “hurricanes come through regularly, and have forever. You move people in and you get it done. And we haven’t done it.”</p> </blockquote> <p>The full report can be read by clicking the images below or on <a href=";nlid=63213935ries&amp;ref=headline">The New York Times website.</a></p> <p>Soon after Hurricane Maria’s devastating passage through Puerto Rico, <a href="/initiative-reports/puerto-rico/archives/2017/11/01/initiative-concept-october-2017/"><span class="caps">RMF</span> sent a team to conduct a needs assessment</a>, bring some initial medical supplies, and form local connections. <strong>Drawing upon RMF’s emergency health programs and lessons learned in various countries, our response in Puerto Rico includes the implementation of transitional and temporary health posts, such as mobile clinic and outreach services that will seek to provide lifesaving interventions.</strong> We are supporting the operations of <a href="/initiative-reports/puerto-rico/archives/2018/02/16/dr-martina-fuchs-visits-to-determine-next-steps-december-2017/">5 health clinics</a>. We also plan to support the Vega Alta Clinic by providing medications and human resources; this clinic will act as a hub for medical outreach activities. Read more about our initiative on our <a href="/our-work/countries/puerto-rico/initiatives/hurricane-maria-relief/">Hurricane Maria Relief page</a>.</p> RMF MHM Research Presented at SACOSAN 7: April 10, 2018 2018-04-11T18:38:18-07:00 2018-04-11T18:25:00-07:00 [ Read more...]]]> <p><img src="/assets/5aceb0864078082b221eb4b2/Afshan_SACOSAN_7_April_10_2018.jpg" style="width:2880px;"></p> <p><br /></p> <h4><span class="caps">RMF</span> Pakistan&#8217;s Research</h4> <h5><span class="caps">MHM</span> at <span class="caps">SACOSAN</span> 7</h5> <p><br /> On April 10, 2018, <span class="caps">RMF</span> Pakistan Program Manager Afshan Bhatti presented at the seventh <a href="" title="SACOSAN 7">South Asian Conference on Sanitation</a>. The topic of her presentation was “Path to an Equal World: Mainstreaming <span class="caps">MHM</span> in Education and Health.”</p> <p>Afshan emphasized that <strong>menstrual hygiene management (<span class="caps">MHM</span>) is a fundamental human right</strong> and is essential in achieving equality for women in any field. Girls from rural and urban communities need to have a voice in development of policies and plans. Afshan’s presentation was based on her research with <span class="caps">RMF</span>, including the recommendations provided by girls for mainstreaming <span class="caps">MHM</span> in health and education. She concluded that every girl and woman should be <strong>allowed to access accurate and pragmatic information on <span class="caps">MHM</span></strong> to enable them to exercise choice.</p> <p>As part of the research project, a <strong>Pakistan Girls’ Puberty Book</strong> is being developed to provide girls with accurate, practical information on puberty. The book is currently at the provincial ministries for approval as a supplementary reader.</p> <p>Afshan will speak again at <span class="caps">SACOSAN</span> 7 on April 12, 2018 on the theme of “The Sociology of Sanitation.”</p> RMF